Friday, May 8, 2009

Tsirani is observing...

When observing the web site ( of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, we noticed  misrepresentation of certain facts concerning the history of Armenia.

The article, which is about the history of Azerbaijan, says, “In 1836 Russia liquidated free Albanian church, subordinated it to Armenian Grigorian church and thus created a favorable condition to grigorianization and armenianization of the ancient population of Azerbaijan--the Christian Albans. Armenians started claims to our lands.” To rebut this statement, we will introduce an argument, which shows that the azeries’ misrepresentation policy has a political contest. Azeries’ stating the term “grigorianization” per se means that they recognize the fact that the Armenian Church has some relations with St. Gregory who in reality was the first Catholicos of all Armenians (302-325 AD). Many foreign researchers of  armenology strongly claim that the religious mission of St. Gregory passed in the  historical and current territory of Armenia. It means that Armenians are not newcomers. Armenians are ancient population living in the territory, which is called the homeland of all Armenians.

Thus, the actions of azeries have an aim to misrepresent the real facts of our history. Doing this,  they create political grounds for their further territorial claims.  

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