Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Nebra Sky Disc

The Nebra Sky Disc has been found by tomb raiders. This Disc is unique because it bears the world's earliest known concrete representation of the cosmos, making it a crucial discovery, not only in archeological terms but also for the fields of astronomy and the history of religion.  It has been associated with the Bronze Age Unetice culture (dated to c. 1600 BC). The disk appeared as if from nowhere on the international antiquities market in 2001. Its seller claimed that it had been looted by illegal treasure hunters with a metal detector in 1999. Archaeological artifacts are the property of the state in Saxony-Anhalt and following a police sting operation in Basel, Switzerland, the disk was acquired by the state archaeologist, Dr. Harald Meller.
Now the Dr. Harald Meller is in Armenia and gives an account of his undercover investigations concerning the confiscation of The Nebra Sky Disc.

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